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Flexitarianism: Vegetarians With Benefits!

A flexitarian is a semi-vegetarian who eats more plant-based foods and less meat. One third of global consumers are embracing this philosophy and cutting back on meat, and so are we!

Here are our top 4 reasons why we LOVE Flexitarianism…

1.) It’s…Flexible!

*A more achievable alternative to going full-on vegan.
*You can do it however is most manageable for you! For example, you may commit to going meatless once a week (Meatless Mondays!), or only eating meat on weekends, when dining out, or after 6pm.
*Eat less meat, but you don’t have to completely give up your favorite foods like burgers, bacon and steaks.
*It’s not an all-or-nothing approach! Like many things in life, moderation is key.
*Simply eat more plant-based foods, and less meat!  It’s that easy.

2.) Improves Health.

*Animal products promote inflammation & can slow your metabolism and immune system.
*Cutting down on meat reduces your risk of diabetes & heart disease.
*Promotes lasting weight loss. 
*Flexitarians have lower BMIs and live longer than carnivores.
*By adding more plant-based foods to your diet, you will consume less saturated fat, and more fiber and phytochemicals, which may lower your risk of cancers.

3.) Saves Money.

*Meatless meals made with beans, veggies & grains are significantly less expensive than animal protein.
*Even organic produce is still less expensive than the same amount of meat.
*Studies show that those who follow a plant-based diet have less health issues, thus lower medical bills.

4.) Good For The Planet.

*Conserves water. The water needs of livestock are significantly greater than what is needed to grow crops. About 1800 gallons of water are needed to make one pound of beef. Compare to 39 gallons needed to grow one pound of veggies.
*Reduce greenhouse gasses. Meat production produces significantly more greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide) than veggies.
*Reduce fuel dependence. Approximately 25 calories of fossil fuel is used to produce 1 calorie of meat vs. 2.2 calories of fossil fuel to make 1 calorie of grain.


Get Your Flex-on at Dragon Bowl:

Whether you’re a vegetarian, carnivore or flexitarian, you can customize your Dragon Bowl to fit your needs! Just about any of our Dragon Bowls can be prepared meat-free. Choose seared tofu as your protein choice, or if that’s not your thing, go veggies-only and choose three. For extra convenience, you can now order online for pick-up or delivery!