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Japanese Ramen Soup: Better-Than-Botox

Our Japanese Ramen Soup is the exact opposite of instant ramen

Our bone broth begins with fresh bones that we roast and simmer for 36 hours to fully release their natural collagen, resulting in a flavorful and nutrient-rich soup.

Then, we add in real ramen noodles, fresh spinach, bamboo shoots, sesame bean sprouts and grilled marinated chicken (or tofu).

Finally, we garnish it with scallions & our famous homemade pickled veggies.

The result is a rich soup that is not only deliciously flavorful, but incredibly nourishing for your body too.



Health Benefits:

Our ramen soup has a healthy dose of collagen, a natural and healthy protein that is vital for the body. Over the past century, modern food processing has removed collagen from our diets. The benefits of eating collagen include:

*Prevents wrinkles & promotes youthful skin, hair & nails
*Stabilizes the body’s immune system
*Improves sleep & digestion
*Contains a valueable protein for joints, tendons, ligaments and bones
*Increases athletic performance & reduces recovery time
*Packed with protein, vitamins & minerals


Better Than Botox.

Wrinkles occur when the collagen in your skin breaks down, not by the muscle contractions that botox stops. If you really want to prevent wrinkles, you’ve got to eat more collagen!



So good, people are literally bathing in it.

If you love ramen enough to bathe in it, head to Japan’s Yunessan Spa House for a ramen bath. There, you can soak in a giant communal bowl of noodles while your skin drinks up the collagen benefits.  No joke…



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