The Dragon's Tale

Meet Paul.


Here’s a quick Q&A to help you get to know Paul Nostrom of Team Dragon…

You look familiar. Where do we know you from?
I’ve worked for Dragon Bowl for about 4 months, and spent the previous 6 years at Front Page News. Thanks for the hook-up, Chad!

Any hobbies or special interests?
I like to play golf and go to the gym.

What’s in your bowl?
When I build-my-own dragon bowl, I reach for ramen as my base, grilled marinated chicken as my protein, carrots & broccoli for veggies, and top it off with sweet pickle garnish.

What’s your favorite signature Dragon Bowl?
BiBimBap.  It’s hearty, delicious…and fun to say.

What new things do you plan to bring to Dragon Bowl?
I hope to bring over a fun environment where people like to work as well as come in and eat.


The next time you visit, be sure to say hi to Paul.  He’s full of helpful tips on how to best build-your-bowl and build-your-muscle.


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