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How to Build Your Bowl to Fit Your Diet


Eating well is easy. Eating well at a restaurant? Not so much. Restaurants are notorious diet-busters, and that, my friends, is just wrong.

We believe in the importance of transparency. That’s why we’re taking the mystery out of healthy dining and providing a guide to the most popular diets along with recommendations on how to build your perfect Dragon Bowl to fit your needs.



The Protein Bowl.

Hey Beefcake, let’s play a word association game.

When I say the word protein, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  You probably answered meat, right?

While steak and eggs are familiar protein choices, let’s not overlook seeds, nuts and leafy greens, which are higher in net nutrition (overall nutrients).

Tips for building your personal protein power bowl:
*Base: Kale & Cabbage Salad
*Protein: Ask for a double portion!
*Veggies: Choose 2
*Sauce: Satay Peanut (Thai)
*Garnish: Sesame Seeds or Crushed Peanuts

Recommended by crossfit enthusiast Sandra B.:
BiBimBap: traditional Korean bowl with grilled ribeye, kimchi pickles, lettuce, sesame seeds, wilted spinach & fried egg over Dragon Rice. Drizzled with Korean BBQ sauce & garnished with sesame seeds & scallions. 


The Gluten-Free Bowl.

Whether you’re Celiac, gluten sensitive or avoiding wheat, all you have to do is look for this lil’ guy  glutenicon2 on our menu.  Just look at all the options!

Recommended by Tom D., gluten intolerant since in ’07:
Vietnamese Bun: a traditional Vietnamese bowl with crispy brussel sprouts, pickled cucumbers, lettuce, vermicelli, grilled pork belly, peanuts & cilantro.  Served with Nuoc Cham (Vietnamese dressing).



The “Me Want Paleo” Bowl.

One of the most challenging things about the Paleo Diet, which is based on the natural foods that our ancient ancestors ate such as meat, nuts and berries, is dining out.

Put down to your spear, and opt for this yummy Dragon Bowl instead, recommended by cave woman Lindsey A:
*Base: Salad Greens
*Protein: Ribeye
*Veggies: Choose 2
*Sauce: Sesame Miso
*Garnish: Sesame Seeds



The Skinny Bowl.

Our menu makes it easy for you to build your perfectly balanced bowl, and you really can’t go wrong.

Here’s just one way to create a classic low-cal, nutrient-rich bowl, as recommended by Pink Barre fanatic Raquel M:
*Base: Salad Greens
*Veggies: Choose 3
*Sauce: Nuoc Cham
*Garnish: Cilantro

The WW Bowl.

If you’re a Weight Watcher like Samantha M. looking for lean protein, low-cal, & plenty of nutrients, opt for this:

*Base: Kale Salad
*Protein: Shrimp
*Veggies: Brussels & Carrots
*Sauce: Korean BBQ
*Garnish: Furikake


The Vegetarian Bowl. 

Easy.  Just look for the  vegicon2  icon on our menu. There are a bounty of choices!

Here’s one way you can build it, as suggested by Flexitarian Chad O:
*Base: Ramen
*Protein: Tofu
*Veggies: Pick 2
*Sauce: Korean BBQ
*Garnish: Kimchi Pickles


The Vegan Bowl.

Here’s how Julian H. builds his vegan:

*Base: Ramen
*Protein: Tofu
*Veggies: Brussels and Broccoli or Carrots
*Sauce: Teriyaki
*Garnish: Sweet Pickles


The Nutrient-Powerhouse Bowl. 

If you’re looking to eat a vita-bowl, one stands out against the rest:

Superfood Bowl: seasonal superfood veggies & seared tofu over our salad/grain mix. Drizzled with sesame miso sauce & garnished with edamame and sunflower seeds.


The Low-Carb Bowl. 

While we believe that complex carbohydrates are our friends, we realize some of you live by the no-or-low carb lifestyle.  Have no fear, there are plenty of options here!

Try this low-carb bowl recommended by Jasmine V:
*Base: Salad Greens
*Protein: Double Portion!
*Veggies: choose two (except sweet potatoes)
*Sauce: Satay Peanut
*Garnish: House-made pickles


The Keto Bowl.

A true Ketogenic Diet aims for 75% fats, 20% protein and 5% carbohydrates.  Jolt your metabolism into ketosis dragon-style with this bowl suggested by Chloe T:

*Base: Kale Salad
*Protein: Pork Belly
*Veggies: Broccoli & Brussels
*Sauce: Sesame Miso
*Garnish: Peanuts
*Add: Egg




Get Naked.

You’d be surprised how many people eat our bowls naked — without sauce that is.  The natural flavors of the grilled veggies and marinated meats is a beautiful thing. With sauces on the tables, you can add as much or as little of the sauce as you like.


Detox Your Drink.

For an extra boost, pair your Dragon Bowl with our Dragon Detox Water, or our Homemade Lemonade with a healthy secret.


Post originally published May 2015, Updated with new diet info July 2017.

What did we miss?  Need a Dragon Bowl recommendation to fit it your diet?  Ask us below.

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