The Dragon's Tale

What the heck is a Dragon Bowl?

History 101
Dragons Are Real.

Nope, the Dragon Bowl is not a mythical creature. Open up a vegetarian cookbook, and you’ll often find a Dragon Bowl recipe. But…what the heck is it?

Traditionally, a Dragon Bowl is a no-rules, avant-garde combination of whatever is on-hand, often a layering of base, veggies, protein and sauce.

Open pantry. Look: rice! I’ll grab that. Hmm…I have some veggies here. Oh yes, let’s add some protein…and sauce of course to flavor. Poof! A dragon is born.


Our Definition:
OUR Dragon Bowls are:

A Square Meal…in a Round BowlTake a look inside your Dragon Bowl. What you’ll see is a vibrant mix of real ingredients like roasted seasonal veggies, grilled protein and whole grains…not a meal packed with empty carbs like that burrito or pizza you ate yesterday. We believe that real food just tastes better and it fuels a better you. Our bowls are so delicious that you’ll hardly even notice you just ate a balanced good-for-you meal.

The Modern Meat-n-Three. Choose your meat, choose your veggies…sound familiar? Unlike the Southern-fried “meat and three” we are all grew up with – gray meat, overcooked, dull veggies and sticky gloppy starch – our bowls are a nutritious power-house of freshly prepared ingredients that won’t leave you feeling sluggish and gross.

Reasonably Priced. You shouldn’t have to pay a premium to enjoy great, nutritious food. We believe you deserve to eat well, even on a budget.

A Revolution in a Bowl. We see the Dragon Bowl as a vehicle for changing the way people think about eating out. Diners have been forced to choose between food that is affordable, food that is delicious and food that is good for you. We don’t think these three things are mutually exclusive. In fact, we believe that fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple preparation methods result in food that just tastes better. We make it affordable and convenient for you to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared, seasonal food.

Customizable. Dragon Bowls are about individualism. With four bases, six proteins, six seasonal veggies, seven garnishes and seven house-made sauces, there are almost 25,000 different Dragon Bowl combinations. It is truly possible for every one of our guests to create their own personal Dragon Bowl. By building your bowl from the list of components, you can choose just how wholesome or decadent you want your meal to be. What’s in your Dragon Bowl?





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