The Dragon's Tale

Would you drink 22 packets of sugar?


Americans eat their weight in sugar each year.

In the American diet, added sugar accounts for nearly 550 calories, the caloric equivalent of 10 strips of bacon every day.  How does this hidden sugar sneak in?  The #1 culprit is soda.

In a regular 20-oz bottle of soda, there are 65 grams of sugar.  Let’s pause to quantify that…


…whoa, that’s a lot of sugar.  It’s also equal to the amount of sugar you’d get from eating two frosted pop tarts and two twinkies combined.  Ouch, talk about a gut bomb!


So, let’s say you drink one soda a day

By the end of the year, you’d have consumed 52 pounds of sugar and 87,600 extra calories.  With 3,500 calories converting to 1 pound of fat, you will have gained up to 25 extra pounds.

Daily soda consumption can decrease your lifespan by 5 years.

As many as 180,000 deaths are linked with sugary drink consumption each year.



We made a bold decision

We chose not to offer fountain drinks.

Why?  Because we believe that our organic iced teas and handcrafted beverages are not only better for you, but taste better than soda that comes from a box.

Stay tuned to our blog to learn about our NEW DRINK MENU COMING SOON featuring natural ingredients, fresh fruits & half the calories of soda…all handcrafted for you right in our very own kitchen.




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